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Welcome to Neil Hatch's QuickStart Electrical Training!!!! 

Upcoming Classes: 

 Los Angeles Sat. November 21st, 2015
(payment must be made by November 14th) 
Bakersfield Sat Nov. 28th
(payment must be made by Nov. 21rst)
San Jose Sat. Dec. 12th
(payment must be mad on or before Dec. 5th 

We will go anywhere in California for private classes if there are 10 or more students


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We help you pass the California electrical certification exam...guaranteed! 

Either you pass or come back free until you do.  We'll Stay with you until you pass the test. 



The exam is very difficult but we'll give you the keys to pass.

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What you get at the seminar:

Other exam trainers give you the questions, the answers and the Code reference where the answer is found.  But they don't tell you how to find the reference.  I DO! 

  1. 6 - 8 hours of instruction by a credentialed electrical teacher who knows what you need to pass the exam and how to teach it to you.
  2. Coaching on the techniques you need to know to find the answers fast in the Code book.
  3. over 400 Practice questions that are very close to the questions you'll get on the exam.
  4. Test taking techniques that will help reduce test-taking anxiety.
  5. Teach you a way to ensure you are understanding the questions 


 Call Neil 805-404-9945
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You now have to prove your experience with your Social Security records.  below are the links to the exam application and SSI records


ApplicationForm for the Exam:  WWW.dir.ca.gov/das/electricalcertificationform.pdf

Social Security Info:  www.socialsecurity.gov/online/ssa-7050.pdf

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Cost is $200.00 at the door
or $175.00 in advance

If you have any questions

Classes will be up to 20 students only


Take a lookat the competition.  None of them offer the value we do and they charge more.  You must be certified to work legally in California.  And with the economy the way it is, you won't be hired by a good company if you're not certified.




"Powell Electrical Company is so pleased with the classes that Neil Hatch provided us. Our ratio of electricians who had passed the test prior to Neil's classes was 4:10, but after Neil's classes it improved to a perfect ratio! Thanks Neil!"

Neil's Notes & Jolting Thoughts

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Most of us when asked "what do you want to be when you grow up", did not say, "I want to be an electrician".  Most of us got in the trade because we knew someone that was an electrician and they helped us get a job in the field.

But, since we are electricians, don't you think we should be the best damn electrician we can be?  in order to be the best we must first invest in our knowledge base.  only with more knowledge can we improve our economic lives.

Take a class, attend a seminar, buy books and videos...learn everything we can about our trade and our business.

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